The Art Newspaper Israel Edition, which is part of the M.T. Abraham Group, is an online newspaper bringing new exciting dimension to the global Art Newspaper network and community.
The Art Newspaper international network is an online and print publication that covers the international art world and is connected by a network of local publications, which together include more than 50 correspondents working in more than 30 countries, with Israel being the latest addition.
The network provides global news coverage of all forms of art and culture as they are intersected with international politics, economics, law, tax and environment. The network has editorial offices in London, New York, Paris, Turin, Athens, Moscow, Tel Aviv, Beijing and Hong Kong. The Art Newspaper Israel edition provides a daily online news service, as well as weekly newsletter and podcasts.
We at the Art Newspaper Israel are devoted to preserving the ethic of objective, quality reporting  and scholarly investigative journalism. As we acknowledge the effect and prestige of this important platform, we are committed to provide our local readers as well as the international network and its audience with vast range of original materials and reveal a part in history that is yet to be explored in depth, focused not just on the local region, but also with a global reach.
We look forward to collaborating with the international editions and meeting art lovers’ ever growing demand for high quality content, as well as bringing arts and culture to the mainstream.¬†The Art Newspaper Israel edition will be launched during 2020.